Affiliate Program

***Currently ony available for Europe***
Who would not want to earn extra cash? Now it is possible to do this through us! REALLY? Yes really! We have started with a special program with which you can not only earn back your purchase amount, but also earn extra cash. Nice right? ;-)

A short summary about how the program works:
By registering as an ‘affiliate’ you participate in our program. You will then receive a special link that you will share with your friends / acquaintances / families. If these people buy a product on our site through your link, this will be tracked and you will receive a commission of 10%. Example: Someone buys products worth € 100 from our webshop through your link, then you get € 10.

Of course registration is free and you can decide how much time you put into it. So maybe you have some spare time or if you already know people who are interested in our products, then this is perhaps the ideal solution to earn extra money! :)

Click here to join the program.