Znoet duurzaam houten speelgoed
Znoet duurzaam houten speelgoed
Znoet duurzaam houten speelgoed
Znoet duurzaam houten speelgoed
Znoet - Dobbelspel en 3 op een rij
ZNOET Dobbelspel
Znoet - Drie op een Rij
Znoet - Educatieve Speelklok
Znoet - Dobbelspel en 3 op een rij
Znoet - Educatieve Speelklok
Znowt - Speelklok en 3 op een rij
Znoet - Dobbelspel en Speelklok
Znoet duurzaam houten speelgoed


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Suprise your kids with not just one, but three wooden exclusive toys! These toys are perfect for kids who like to play with wooden toys and learn simultaneously. Are you looking for a present that contains multiple products or are you just so in love with our nice wooden toys like many others? Then don't look any further, because this is an offer you can't resist!

A 3-in-1 package that saves you €20. This combo deal contains:

Learning Play Clock
Znoet houten speelklok
Learning to tell time is an important asset for your young ones to master. With the educational Znoet Learning Play Clock you can combine this with an exclusively designed product.
This wooden Learning Play Clock contains 12 unique cute wooden animal pieces which have corresponding numbers on the back. Learn to tell time, basic animal knowledge, numbers knowledge and have fun stacking all at the same time!

Lucky Dice Game
Znoet houten dobbelspel
It has been raining all day... your kids are bored and have already spend too much time on their tablet or watching television. Time to introduce a new and simple game to your kids!
This dice game is simple enough and fun for even the young ones to participate. Each player plays with his/her own playboard (black or white) and has its own dice to throw with. Try to win the game by throwing in turn and throw all cute Znoet animal heads on your board! The one who is first to throw all three animal heads is the winner!

Tic Tac Znoet
Znoet houten drie-op-een-rij-spel
Nowadays kids spend too much time behind their tablet or television. More then we actually want as parents. Quite a pity when you consider that an old-fashioned board game can provide so much entertainment and fun!
Imagine yourself that the children would spend more time on this kind of fun board games and spend less time watching television or hanging on the couch with the tablet. Playing a fun and simple game together is much more fun, isn't it?!

Save over €20 on this great combo-deal!

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